Your Marketing Team: Who Should Be the First Hire?

Samuel DeCroes

The Secret Weapon Behind Massive Business Growth

It seems like everyone is launching a new startup or side hustle.

With the proliferation of AI, platforms like WordPress and Shopify, and social media sites, there are reportedly 12-24 million online shops.1

The internet is flooded with “brands.”

But, as many online entrepreneurs discover, having a product and somewhere to sell it doesn’t guarantee success.

Far from it. 90% of all online businesses fail.2

That’s because in this new digital world where everyone can “get in the game,” the barrier to success has been raised.

Sure, you can make a few dollars, even enough to support a family with different hustles.

But achieving “scale,” as we call it, is harder than ever.

Scaling a campaign means it’s profitable at a high volume, the foundational measure of marketing success.

Only exceptional content, products, and USPs achieve scale, turning clickers into high-value customers.

What is an Exceptional Digital Experience in 2024?

You may be surprised that the answer isn’t a beautiful website, expensive tech stacks, or overpriced influencer marketing.

Sure, they can help.

But many times, they’re a distraction from what drives interactions and conversions:

  1. A clearly communicated Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  2. A website with nearly instant response times
  3. A simple user interface with easy navigation
  4. Clear calls to action (CTAs) prompting users to take desired actions
  5. Well-researched content that educates, entertains, and adds value to the user experience
  6. Engaging storytelling to create emotional connections with the audience
  7. Regular updates and fresh content to keep users engaged and coming back for more
  8. Accessibility features to accommodate users with diverse needs and preferences
  9. Responsive customer service that addresses inquiries and resolves issues promptly
  10. An empathetic approach to understanding and interacting with customers

If that seems like a lot, I’ll be honest – it represents the bare minimum… and it’s what today’s consumers expect.

There’s no need to fret. As I said earlier, getting (back) in the game has never been easier.

The First Step Toward Achieving Scale

This scenario happens to a lot of solopreneurs and “mom-and-pop” businesses:

You have a clear USP, build a cheap website, start marketing, and get some traction.

Then, you find your business at a crossroads.

Your marketing is expensive, the landing pages don’t convert, your website is confusing, and your sales are stalling.

It’s dark and scary… you’re not sure what to do next.

You see two blinking neon signs:

  1. Copywriter this way
  2. Web developer this way

Which one do you choose?

Lucky for you, I’m here to give you the answer.

Hire a Copywriter

Copywriters should be your first marketing hire because they can do much more than write copy, especially in your business’s early days. They can generate business ideas, compile campaign data, handle customer service issues, and perform other operational duties.

Improving user experience, landing page speed, and customer service is much cheaper and easier to outsource (or hire in-house) than hiring someone whose writing generates $$$ for your business.

The most successful companies in your vertical know this and fiercely guard (aka compensate) their top copywriters.

That’s why they repeatedly win.

And why many new or small players struggle to succeed.

Where Can I Find a Great Copywriter?

The best place to find your copywriter is a competitor.

Now, I’m not advocating poaching. There is a ton of turnover in this area of marketing.

That’s because very few people can repeatedly write highly profitable content.

Many companies have one or two copywriters responsible for their top-performing campaigns.

Top companies have copywriter “stables” filled with writers who churn out a lot of copy. But most of the writers in the stable don’t last.

These big players often cut writers who could help a smaller company.

So keep an eye on the best-performing campaigns in your industry and the copywriters behind them.

Other Places to Find Copywriters

If you can’t find a copywriter through your industry network or events, check out LinkedIn.

A search for “direct response copywriter,” “[industry name] copywriter,” or “content strategist,” will reveal potential candidates.

Also search the gig platforms, such as:

Quick hiring tips:

  • Review Portfolios: Request and carefully review writing samples.
  • Consider a Test Project: Start with a small test to assess their skills and compatibility with your brand.
  • Communication is Key: Educate the writer on your brand’s voice, target audience, and objectives. Clear communication will set the campaign up for success from the start.

I Just Hired a Copywriter, What’s Next?

So, you’ve hired a great copywriter, fixed your copy, and have a helpful and responsive customer service team.

You decide to put your foot on the gas, increase advertising spend, and acquire more customers.

That’s when you find yourself at another crossroads…

  1. Great developer this way…
  2. Great media buyer this way…

Which way do you turn?

Find out in the next issue.

Yours truly,

Sam DeCroes


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